The importance of the arts for the benefit of health and wellbeing is fast becoming widely accepted.

In Wales, we've been supporting activity in this field for some time. In May 2017, the Director of the Baring Foundation said that Wales ‘leads the world’ in arts for older people.

But arts and health work, so powerful in relation to dementia and the care home experience, is having a beneficial impact across the full ranges of age, class and geography in Wales. So we need to do more.

We can do this together

In order to carry on making an impact and creating new experiences for people to reap the health benefits of art experiences, it's important that we work together and make the most of existing frameworks across Wales. We now have a Memorandum of Understanding with the Welsh NHS Confederation, and we work closely with Public Health Wales and with participants in the Cross Party Group on Arts and Health in the National Assembly.

We've also been mapping current activity. By showing what’s now happening, we hope to generate a debate about the best way forward in partnership with the key interested parties.

We hold a deep conviction that the Arts have a particularly powerful contribution to make to a healthy, connected and engaged human life. Below you can read through our mapping report, or browse through some of our case studies that clearly show the impact in action.


Did you know?

Attending an arts event at least once a month during life’s later years reduces the risk of depression by 50%.

Visiting a gallery or museum every few months reduces your risk of developing dementia by up to 44% - and the benefit lasts for up to 10 years after you stop.

Arts and Health: Mapping Report