We’re committed to developing and promoting the arts in and through the medium of Welsh. We believe everyone has the right to explore their own culture, their own creativity, through the language of their choice, whether as consumer, participant or artist. 

Nothing makes Wales more distinctive than the Welsh language. The language provides the means to understand and enjoy an extraordinarily rich literature and culture. The arts thrive on this and are a key component in continuing the Welsh language’s vital role at the heart of Welsh life.

Marian Wyn Jones Council member and Chair, Welsh Language Committee

Under the Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011 all public bodies have to treat both the Welsh and English languages on an equal basis. We publish a policy document that explains how we meet this commitment (you can read that below).

This Measure also established a Welsh Language Commissioner in Wales. The Commissioner has the responsibility for enforcing the legal duties of the Measure through a series of Standards.

Our Welsh Language Commissioner Compliance Notice details the Standards that apply to us, and Complying with our Welsh language standards summarises the actions we have taken to meet these Standards.

We also publish Welsh language annual reports. These provide information on our performance against the aims, our requirements and ambitions.