Following Professor Dai Smith’s report on Arts in Education, and Donaldson’s recommendations on changing the Welsh curriculum, we’ve put together a creative learning plan.

The Creative Learning through the Arts Action Plan provides a pathway for children and young people in Wales to gain access to the arts. We have a range of opportunities that focus on participation and the development of creative skills.

Click here to read the full plan, or here for a quick and easy guide.

Creativity matters

We believe that creativity matters, and we want to see the creative skills of learners developed across the school curriculum. Making these opportunities available to students from all backgrounds is a priority for us.

Here are our aims:

To improve attainment through creativity.

To develop the opportunities and experiences that learners receive in relation to the arts.

To deliver on three basic principles – improving accessibility for learners of all backgrounds, improving literacy and improving numeracy.

To support teachers and arts practitioners to develop their skills

We are leading the way in Wales, placing creativity as a core part of the curriculum. We want our children and young people to learn about the arts, through the arts.

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Read more about the action plan and see real-life examples on our Creative learning site.