The Arts Council of Wales wants to fund ideas which encourage the creation of new networks, and which strengthen existing networking opportunities.

We want to fund new and existing networks

As we all try to cope with the consequences of Covid 19, it’s becoming increasingly important that we connect across the arts and cultural sectors, and that we provide support for the sharing and exchange of information.

We’re particularly interested in initiatives which focus on promoting and strengthening diversity and inclusion throughout the arts sector, and on widening engagement with diverse communities. We want all voices to be heard, and to matter. We feel it’s important that communities and debates arising from #BlackLivesMatter and #WeShallNotBeRemoved are able to continue, to inform, enrich and broaden the arts sector here in Wales.

Types of networks

We’re open to different sorts of ideas.  However, this might include networks which focus on:

  • Engaging and developing diverse audiences
  • Supporting diverse voices across the sector to make themselves heard. We are particularly interested in supporting networks of creatives from the Black, Non-Black People of Colour and Disabled communities
  • Increasing participation in the Arts, particularly for those who feel separated or disconnected for a number of reasons – including, but not restricted to, economic, social and geographical considerations.
  • Developing sustainable funding models to enable this activity.

Networks come in all shapes and sizes. Some are more formal than others; some large, others small. Networks may choose to meet on a regular basis, others as and when the members feel it necessary. Networks don’t have to depend on face to face meetings – they can be created and run online. You will, however, need to consider and fully comply with current restrictions around social interaction due to Covid-19.

The fund opened on 18 September and will close on 7 October, 2020.