The International Opportunities Fund (IOF) and our pilot fund Connect: International Networks and Market Development have been paused since March 2020.

In response to the changing environment globally and to the many discussions we’ve listened to and participated in, we will be reviewing both funds with the intention of opening a rescoped International Opportunities Fund in April 2021.

In advance of this, we are re-opening a smaller scale International Opportunities Fund on 27 January 2021 for internationally connected activity.  Please read the edited guidelines and note the single deadline of Thursday 18 February 2021 for this period.


Purpose of the fund

  • To support the development of ideas, collaborations and networks between Wales’ creative professionals and arts organisations and international partners.
  • To share experiences and skills through the arts within a global context.
  • To raise the profile of Wales and its connections through the arts globally.

In view of current international travel restrictions and uncertainties, the fund will primarily support the development of projects using digital platforms and tools.


Please make sure you've read the International Opportunities Fund Guidelines before you start an application.

Where do I submit my application for the International Opportunities Fund?

Submit the cover sheet and attachments by email to info@wai.org.uk by 23:59 on 18 February 2021.

Can I apply for support to cover the fees of the international partner?

No. This fund cannot support the costs of expenditure directly incurred by the international partner, including fees.

You can include these costs within the budget you submit but these costs will need to be covered from another source.

Can I apply for the costs of training delivered by a provider based outside of the UK?

No. This fund cannot support the costs of formal training or education provision.

However, your project may include skills development and learning that forms part of a wider collaboration or through participation in a network.