Last week’s Notes from the Interior task – The State and the Place – was the last in the current series from Volcano. You can download the whole series of twelve as a pdf including links to all the videos and the source materials – we hope this will be a useful tool for teachers, students, and actors as well as a record, of a sort, of the crisis.

We are taking a short break and we will have more news about the new direction of the project thereafter. We’ll soon be sharing some thoughts and reflections on the project and the crisis so far. We are looking ahead to a time, hopefully not too far ahead, when performers and audiences can meet one another again in the flesh, and are working on the problems – artistic, logistical, psychological, economic – that this entails.

Please watch this space. In the meantime you can visit the project homepage here, catch up with all the videos on our Vimeo showcase, or visit our channel on the fantastic new culture platform

There’s more to come from The Mighty New, plus on the 9th July we present the third in a series of Lockdown Livestreams of the work of Mark Thomas. This time it’s Serious Organised Criminal, and is in support of the brilliant charity Inquest, who provide expertise on state related deaths and their investigation to bereaved people, lawyers, advice and support agencies, the media and parliamentarians. Their work is crucial to campaigns such as Grenfell and Hillsborough, and extremely salient to the Black Lives Matter movement. These livestreams are a partnership between Mark and a network of venues and producers across the UK, and buying tickets supports your local venue during the crisis.