We’ve just launched our newest project! Plas Bodfa Objects is a collection of artist multiples. We’ve launched with 37 sets of multiples, from 35 creatives and collaborative teams, made from 65 different materials! The online store is now open, sending Objects out into the world.

Check them out : www.plasbodfa.com/objects

An Alternative Platform for Creatives in Wales and Beyond

The current lockdown has seen shows, exhibitions, gigs and the employment of the creative sector evaporate. Most traditional methods for showing and selling works have been closed for months, slowly re-opening but with little hope of returning to normal any time soon. This project not only a platform for the visibility and dissemination of these incredible works, it is also a community of creatives and a positive momentum in this challenging time.

About the Collection

Plas Bodfa Objects is a collection of limited-edition creations from artists, makers, musicians, thinkers and creative people of all sorts. The Objects embrace the idea of multiplicity and repetition, exploring what is (and isn’t) possible to duplicate, challenging the difference between ‘same’ and ‘similar’. Plas Bodfa Objects is an evolving project. When editions are sold out, they’re gone! Different multiples will be added over time.

Our online store is Open!

Plas Bodfa Objects has initially launched as an online store. The works can be shipped anywhere in the world and can also be sent as a wrapped gift with handwritten note and gift tag.


In the future, the project can travel to art fairs, cultural or commercial institutions and to any public or private event. The multiples can form an exhibition, inhabit a booth or even become a performance.

Plas Bodfa Objects has launched with multiples from:

Amy Sterley, Anne Weshinskey, Annie Horsley, Ceyda Oskay, Chaparral Andy Hodges, Cyrus Kellick, David Garner, Fiona Davies, Gill Collier, Gwen Williams, Hopewell Ink, Huw Gareth Jones, Jan Hale, Jane Ross, Jo Alexander, Julie Jones, Julie Upmeyer, Lillemor Latham, Lindsey Colbourne, Lisa Hudson, Maud Haya Baviera, Michael Prince, Michele Heidi Sutton, Nicola Carter, Nisa Lynn Ojalvo, Peg McNulty, Philip J Cassidy, Philippa Brown, Ruth Cousins, Sarah Jane Richards, Sezgi Abali, Simon Le Ruez, Susan Cantrill-Williams, Wanda Garner


Plas Bodfa Objects is a project of Plas Bodfa and Julie Upmeyer.
Instagram : @plas.bodfa.objects
Facebook : /plasbodfaobjects

Image Credit

'Beauty from The Earth'
by Cyrus Kellick
Edition of 10

A series of unique handmade sterling silver necklaces, each featuring a coin or other artefact recovered from Plas Bodfa by Cyrus Kellick himself.  A wearable multiple, each is a unique piece of Plas Bodfa's history.