As a part of our ambition to develop a sustainable vision for the Welsh language, the Arts Council of Wales is undertaking an arts activities mapping project to provide as complete and up-to-date a picture as possible of what is currently happening across Wales. Please help us with this research by completing the below questionnaire.

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Background and context

The Council’s data leads us to believe that the arts sector can create and achieve much more through the medium of Welsh. We think that we can do more to achieve the potential that exists within our country by working in partnership with other organisations.

We have a right as citizens of Wales to explore our own culture, our own creativity, be it as an artist or participant in the language of our choice - Wales is after all a bilingual nation - legally, culturally and  socially. The Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011 establishes the principle that the Welsh and English languages should be treated as equal and so we have the right to tell our stories -  those of yesterday and today in our own language, contributing to a Wales of vibrant culture and thriving Welsh language (The Wellbeing of Future Generations Act 2015).

Research around language acquisition shows us that the desire to understand and participate in cultural activities stimulates language learning and use of the language. It follows, therefore, that the arts sector and the Council have a significant responsibility and role in contributing to the Welsh Government's target of a million Welsh speakers by 2050.

The purpose of this research is to identify the current levels of arts activity in Welsh, focusing on activity not currently funded by the Council, in order to make recommendations to the Council about the way forward in line with its objectives.

It is hoped that these findings will provide a solid data foundation on which to build strategically in the future. This work coincides with two other pieces of work currently being undertaken by the Council. The tender to carry out this work was won via an open tender process at the end of 2019. The information collected will lead to recommendations for Council to consider.

The contractor will be acting on behalf of the Arts Council of Wales and processing Personal Data, as defined by the Data Protection Act 2018 for the following purpose:

To establish the current levels of Welsh language arts activity taking place across Wales, with a focus on activity that is not currently funded by the Arts Council of Wales and provide the Arts Council with recommendations for its way forward, as set out in its published Objectives.

 Personal details of contacts may include one or more of the following:

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All personal data as defined by the Data Protection Act 2018 collected and processed by the contracted party for the purpose of this exercise will be handed over to the Arts Council of Wales at the end of the contract. Personal details for individual contacts who have not expressed an interest in further engagement or involvement for this exercise will be securely destroyed by the Arts Council immediately after handover. Personal details for individual contacts who have expressed an interest in further engagement or involvement will be retained by the Arts Council in accordance with the management of Mailing List Contacts outlined in the Arts Council published Privacy Policy


Please complete and return the on line questionnaire by March 1, 2020.

If you have any queries regarding this mapping exercise, please contact Elen ap Robert: