As lockdown eases, we are all entering a time that is being called, ‘A new normal’. As a team we have continually adapted the way we work in order to keep bringing art and creativity to our community which is so important. Coronavirus has affected so many lives and taken so much away from us, but it is clear to see that we won’t give in so easily!

The support, positivity and reassurance we have received from you has been a light for all the staff. From viewing and sharing your wonderful community sketchbook submissions, to your kind donations and your will to share memories with us. From us all a big thank you!

We are excited to announce that although we may not be open to the public just yet, we are back in the building preparing to welcome you! Through generous grant funding we are making some improvements to our precious building and of course making it safe as we can. This means that when you step through our doors once more, some things might be different. Our planned reopening date is Tuesday 1st September - and we can’t wait to see you all!

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Activity - Bird Sculpture

Our tutors have been hard at work creating activities for all ages to enjoy! 

Materials to make your bird:


-Masking tape


-Glue gun (optional)

Roll two balls of newspaper one for the body and one for the head. The body should fit in the palm of your hand. The head would be a lot smaller - you just have to judge the size as you are making.

Stick the head on to the body with masking tape (or if you want to make sure it is really secure you can use a glue gun). Cover the head and body completely with masking tape.

Now for the legs - tightly roll strips of newspaper into small cylinders and even smaller strips for the feet and masking tape together. You can also cover with different coloured tape, or use thick wire or pipe cleaners instead - whatever you have round your house. Please note it is easier to decorate the feet first before attaching them to the body!

You can fold either make a bird tail and wings out of cardboard and stick on with tape or a glue gun or use the same method with the newspaper. 

Fold newspaper tightly into a triangle and stick to the face as your bird’s beak. You can keep adding masking tape to your bird if you feel things are getting a bit loose. 

Now you can decorate - you can collage with newspapers and magazines or you can paint your bird. You can use PVA glue to stick on paper if you want to collage but it can make the newspaper and tape very wet so either use a little bit at a time if that’s all you have or you can use a pritt stick. Same applies to paint - try and use a dry brush and apply a little bit at a time!

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Explore the world of ‘Mini Beasts’ with LGAC’s new ‘Creative at Home Craft Boxes’

Each Craft Box contains x4 pre-cut shapes, tissue paper, a glue stick, decorative bits and instructions - all you will need to create your own colourful bug. Boxes are suitable for young children over 3 years and cost £5 (including delivery). 

Each box is prepared lovingly by our education team. Limited number available - first come first serve. To purchase just email or message us on Facebook.

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Meet the team...

Alice Bethune, Administrator

“I very nervously walked through the big front door of LGAC back in 2011, not long after finishing school and not knowing what to do with myself, hoping to be accepted for an apprenticeship. Little did I know that after completing three NVQ’s, I would still be here 9 years later having worked my way up from effectively a volunteer to an Admin Assistant and now as the Administrator (other titles include Finance Assistant, Volunteer Co-ordinator and all round go to person!). During my time here I have gained so much knowledge and inspiration from the art world and have a much better appreciation and understanding of it. I love the environment I work in, the amazing staff I work with and the variety my job gives – I could be on the front desk one day, assisting in the workshops the next and then on a craft stall the following day!"

"I would like to pay a small tribute to my Grandparents Roy and Shirley Blanning who both passed away in April 2020 due to Covid-19. They were always interested in what I did in my working day and always picked up on my enthusiasm when I spoke about it. They never failed to end the conversation with what a bonus it was to enjoy what I do.”

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Your Llantarnam Grange…
We would love you to tell us about what  Llantarnam Grange means to you? What do you like about the Grange? Did you come to a workshop when you were young? Did the Grange influence you to become an artist? What was your favourite exhibition? Do you come to a regular class at the centre? Did you have your baby shower with us? Do you love the cheese scones? How has it helped you, supported you, entertained you or influenced you? Please share with us your stories and photos of your experiences as well as what you and your children are making at home, so we can share them with everyone else! Email us at or message us on social media and add #yourllantarnamgrange



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