The Context

The Arts Council of Wales is committed to encouraging more people to enjoy and take part in the arts, and thus to supporting projects which display a robust commitment to connecting with wide and diverse audiences.

As a Council we want the arts in Wales to be rich and varied, to reflect their communities, and engage with diverse audiences and participants. Our vision is of an arts sector in Wales that is naturally inclusive and diverse, and more vibrant, exciting and relevant because of this. We know the arts in Wales will be stronger, more exciting and more relevant if they embrace more people, and we recognise the dynamic force of art that is truly inclusive and makes use of the talents of all members of our society.

The Brief

We’re committed to developing and promoting the arts in and through the medium of Welsh. We believe everyone has the right to explore their own culture, their own creativity, through the language of their choice, whether as consumer, participant or artist.

Integral to this is Welsh language marketing provision in the arts sector in Wales, in that is not only provides information, but also ensures that Welsh language audiences can engage with information in the language of their choice.

The Arts Council of Wales wishes to commission a short piece of work which will assess current Welsh language marketing provision across the arts sector in Wales, together with an assessment of whether this is the most effective and efficient way of engaging Welsh language audiences, professional artists and participants.

This will include:

• Desk-top research into Welsh language marketing material currently available via hard copy, online and across social media platforms

• Working with Welsh language groups and individuals to gather views on current Welsh language marketing material/activity across the arts sector in Wales

• Liaising with the arts sector across all art forms to identify areas of good practice, ascertain gaps in provision and consider what assistance is needed

• An assessment of whether the current methodology is the most effective and efficient way of engaging Welsh language audiences.



The Arts Council of Wales is an independent charity (number 1034245), established by Royal Charter in 1994, and a Welsh Government sponsored body. Its trustees are the members appointed by the Welsh Government

We distribute funding from the National Lottery and raise additional money from a variety of public and private sector sources, and are the funding and development organisation for the arts in Wales.


We envisage the project will begin in January 2020 and be completed as soon as is practicable. Please provide a detailed timetable with your submission.


The Arts Council of Wales can provide a maximum amount of £10,000 (including VAT) to support this work. There will be no additional funding available, so please ensure all potential project costs are included within your original budget.

ACW Contribution to the Project

Where possible, the Arts Council of Wales will assist with contacting the arts sector in Wales as appropriate.

Reporting Requirements

Ongoing contact with designated Arts Council of Wales Officers by phone/email.

Expected Outputs

We would expect this work to form two parts:

a. A scoping exercise into current Welsh language marketing

b. Assessment of its effectiveness, and recommendations as to how this could be enhanced.

This should be in report format, in both Welsh and English. Once completed, the report will be the property of the Arts Council of Wales to utilise and distribute accordingly.

Required Skills

This is a time-critical, focused piece of work, so the ability to begin quickly and to have the capacity to work intensively to meet our deadlines is paramount. In addition, you will need:

• Excellent communication skills in both Welsh and English. As this is a piece of work assessing Welsh language activity, the ability to speak Welsh is essential

• Strong project management skills developed through demonstrable, relevant experience

• Highly developed networking skills and the ability to forge a wide range of relationships quickly

• Excellent written and financial planning skills

• The skills necessary to facilitate discussion and generate ideas and solutions with relevant stakeholders

• Relevant experience of working with Wales-based clients, and a comprehensive understanding of audience development, Equality and Diversity

Decisions to award the work will be made by Arts Council of Wales Officers, and be based upon an assessment of fit with the requirements of this published brief.

Invitation to tender

For submission requirements and contact details please download the accompanying Invitation to tender: Welsh language marketing accessible PDF.