Over the past five years, Creative learning through the arts has transformed teaching methods across Wales, with more than 119,000 pupils from 1,200 schools across Wales benefitting from the programme. Phase 2 will allow us to; engage with more schools; harness the knowledge and expertise of the schools already engaged in the Lead Creative Schools Scheme; provide professional development opportunities for teachers and artists; and continue to offer new opportunities for young learners via our Go and See Fund.

We are looking to work with a video production company to capture the offer of the ground-breaking Creative learning through the arts programme.  There are two distinct purposes within this:

  • Support the promotion of Phase 2 of Creative learning through the arts
  • Promote our work, findings and pedagogy to education stakeholders across Wales and beyond.


To date we have a range of existing videos, resources and evaluative information to support with raising the profile of Creative learning through the arts. We want to bring these together, capturing the unique selling point of Creative learning through the arts, the creative learning and the pedagogy underpinning our work, to result in a film that will promote the trail-blazing work happening here in Wales.

We anticipate working collaboratively with the successful company but envisage there will be a suite of four new fully accessible, bilingual videos to promote creative learning:

  • Phase 2: Lead Creative Schools x 2 films
  • Phase 2: Go and See Fund x 1 film
  • International Promotion x 1 film

All four films will need to complement our existing resources and be suitable for sharing on the Arts Council of Wales website and Welsh Government’s Creative Learning Zone on Hwb.

The full brief, including details on how to apply can be found in the document below.