Coronavirus update: new applications for grants

We want to ensure that we do our very best to invest in artists and arts organisations at this difficult time. It’s clear that many people face a challenging and uncertain future with new difficulties presenting themselves daily. Our priority in the short-term has to be to find effective ways of responding to the most urgent needs and we’re working hard, in collaboration with our Welsh Government colleagues, to find practical solutions. For the next six months we will therefore not be accepting new applications to our funding programmes. We will keep the situation under review over the coming weeks and announce any changes to our approach in due course.

A new fund to support individual creative practitioners and arts organisations based in Wales to engage with European networks.

The purpose of Connect is to support the arts sector in Wales to develop, maintain and strengthen their links with key strategic partners in Europe.

As an individual or as an organisation, membership of an international network can bring multiple benefits.  Most European networks are open to members from outside the EU.    They are a place to meet and share ideas with peers; to collaborate, learn, exchange and many lead to future international collaborations and partnerships. 

Networks can also be informal, with artists and organisations developing their own personal networks of collaborators and peers across Europe and the world, either through participation in residencies, in festivals and international projects.

One of the five main ambitions of our international strategy, Wales Arts: a bridge to the world, is to redefine our relationship with Europe.  It’s a crucial time to renew our relationships with key networks; as well as develop new ones with partners across the continent.  This is what the Connect fund will support.

Connect is part of a wider Welsh Government initiative, whose focus is looking at future relations with European regions, nations and networks beyond Brexit.