Every day, people across Wales are creating, enjoying and taking part in the arts. We help to support and grow this activity. We do this by using the public funds that we receive from the Welsh  Government and by distributing the money that comes to us from the National Lottery. By managing and investing these funds in creative activity, the Arts Council of Wales contributes to people’s quality of life and to the cultural, social and economic wellbeing of Wales.

Every year, we receive a Remit Letter from our main funder, the Welsh Government.

The Remit Letter sets out what the Welsh Government expects from us in return for the public funding that we receive.  It identifies the Government’s priorities and the areas of work that we’re encouraged to focus on. This provides the basis for our Corporate and Operational Plans.

Corporate and Operational plans

We have three key documents.

For the benefit of all

Our Corporate Plan 2018-23: For the benefit of all is a five-year statement. It explains what’s important to us, and describes the types of activity that we’re trying to encourage. In this document, you’ll find a strong emphasis on creating an environment in Wales that helps creative people to thrive. You’ll also an equal commitment to widening audiences, ensuring that the widest possible cross-section of people in Wales benefit from the arts.

Operational plan

We publish this document every year. Our Operational Plan 2020-21 outlines the specific actions we’ll take to meet our five-year goals.


Inspire: Our strategy for creativity in Wales explains the type of approach we’re taking to developing the arts in Wales.


Corporate Plan 2018-23: For the benefit of all